Situation and Access

Description of route and access:

-A6 Motorway (Dijon-Marseille) Exit Macon Sud.
-First roundabout (75 m), 2nd to your right >Julienas D169
-2nd roundabout (1.3 km), 2nd to your right >Julienas D169
-When you arrive in Chânes (3.6 km) to the right > Julienas
-In the same village, Chânes, to the left > Julienas
-At the intersection from D169 with D 31 to the right >Leynes
-At the notice "Leynes", immédiately to your left >Chasselas.
-At the next intersection (0.5 km), to the left >Les Correaux
-At the next intersection (100 m), continue in front of you (between 2 houses) >Les Correaux
-At the next intersection  (100 m ), to the right >Les Correaux
-Our house is the 2 nd one to your right side.(100 m)

Google Map

GPS :  46° 16′ 02.61″ N, 4° 43′ 15.09″ E